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Valid are the standard conditions of the German Clothing Industry - latest version - with the following deviations:

§ 2 Jurisdiction
The jurisdiction by judgment note is the trading post of the seller (also in case of a summary procedure on bills of exchange and checques).

§ 8 Payment After Due Day
In case the buyer defaults in due payment or in case of dishonoured bills and cheques, the total amount of the still existing buyer´s debt to the seller is due for immediate payment, this also applies to debts which have been documented by bills of exchange. It is up to the company´s discretion, whether ot to which date the company chooses to hand over the matter to a debt collector. All expenses arising from such action are taxable to the defaulting debtor, such as: judicial and non-judicial costs, advance-processal costs including the expenses of the bank, the protestation, the dishonoured bill, the bailiff, the solicitor or the debt collector. If the Buyer is in default with a due payment or the fulfilment of a claim for payment is jeodardised by deterioration in the Buyer´s finacial circumstances which occured or became known after conclusion of the contract, the Seller can demand payment in advanced and immediate payment of all outstanding invoice amounts, even those which are not due yet, retain goods which have not yet been dispatched and discontinue all further work on current orders. The Seller shall not be obligedto resume the further processing of current orders.

§10 Retention of title
The buyer is entitled to sell the goods within regular business transactions. He is not entitled, however, to pledge the goods for account of a third party or to place them in escrow. An undue attachment of the goods by a third party has to be reported to the seller without any delay.

Very important!
Please give us the disposition of your order within 3 weeks. Delivery times prolong according to later arriving disposition of sizes.

Once the Seller has confirmed receipt of an order in writing, and the Buyer wishes to cancel an order, completely or partially, the Seller reserves the right to charge at least 25 % of the total value of the order.

We reserve the right to correct prizes, quoted wrongly by error. In the case of immediate business transactions - by telephone, telex or ex stock - the invoice shall also be deemed as the order acknowledgement.

Uniform Terms and Conditions of the Clothing Industry (PDF) (134.6 kB)

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